Boxing is currently confronting the undeniable threat of being ousted from the Tokyo Olympics after the International Boxing Association (AIBA) affirmed the sole nomination of Gafur Rakhimov for their next president.

Gafur-Arslanbek Akhmedovich Rakhimov is an Uzbek businessman and sports administrator who is the Interim President of the International Boxing Association. He has been Vice President of AIBA since 1998. Rakhimov was born July 22, 1951, in Tashkent. He took up boxing as a youth and later moved on to coaching. has been the acting interim president since January, just without the endorsement of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) who has just cautioned against his connection to organized crime in his local Uzbekistan.

Be that as it may, his permanent election is presently set for the AIBA congress in Moscow on November second third, as no hopefuls made election due date, as indicated by the Lausanne-based AIBA.

The contention between the IOC and the AIBA has been growing all year: the IOC previously suspended AIBA funds last December, and have given them until April 30th to report back with the guarantee of legitimate change on such fundamental issues as governance, funds, refereeing, and anti-doping.

At a point in January, the AIBA “introduced” Rakhimov as their interim president. The AIBA expelled a few judges after the 2016 Rio Olympic disaster, just to later reinstall some of them; their anti-doping is still to a great extent non-existent there’s still no formal task to enhance refereeing.

The IOC likewise demanded they cut two men’s weight divisions for Tokyo to make room for two more women’s, something the AIBA had been standing up to. “We are to a great degree stressed over the administration of the AIBA,” said IOC president Thomas Bach, amid an opening session of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February.

In spite of failing to win a medal in Rio, boxing remains Ireland’s best Olympic game, the three awards won in Beijing 2008, in addition to four more in London 2012, making it 16 altogether, one more than all other games consolidated. Joe Ward is the main medal contender for Tokyo, however, the peril is he may not, in any case, get the opportunity to fight.

Rakhimov may not be known in sporting circles, but rather he is to Interpol, and the US Treasury, who trust him to be one of his nation’s “driving crooks” and “a vital individual engaged with the heroin exchange” who was associated with the Thieves-in-Law crime group.

The AIBA had initially picked the Italian Franco Falcinelli as their new president, to supplant C K Wu (at the end constrained out of office following 11 years following a few affirmations of money related bungle, including a “missing” €8.5 million advances). After Falcinelli chose to step down, Rakhimov was then “introduced” amid a meal break at the AIBA Congress in Dubai back in January.

Around then the US Treasury named Rakhimov among 10 people with supposed connects to the Eurasian criminal element, the Thieves-in-Law, conceived in the old Soviet Union detainment facilities and accepted to work in a black market organize that has spread past Russia to the world’s driving financial centers.

Rakhimov was also on Interpol’s most wanted list, before being removed last September, though his alleged links with the mafia and the heroin trade saw him refused entry to Australia for the Sydney Olympics back in 2000. It didn’t stop him serving as AIBA vice-president for the last 15 years, and now from leading amateur boxing towards Tokyo 2020.

Kazakhstan’s Serik Konakbayev was relied upon to challenge Rakhimov for the presidency: as per the Olympic news website Inside the Games, he didn’t get enough letters of help before the race due date, despite the fact that he is set to appeal.

Rakhimov’s election will probably be talked about at the IOC Executive Committee meeting in Buenos Aires this week, given their rehashed sign that without the far-reaching developments it feels the sports need, boxing can’t be ensured of its place in Tokyo.

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