DAMBE!A far fetch from the conventional safety of a modern boxing ring, these thrilling details of the West African sport of Dambe, and look like something out of the movie Fight Club.

The gloves are well and truly off here – instead, the contestants’ stronger hands are wrapped in hard rope – which in the old days could even be dipped in resin and shards of broken glass as to. The tied up solid arm is known as the ‘spear’, while the front hand is known as the ‘shield’ – and must be held with the palm open and confronting the adversary. And for protection, the shield can likewise be utilized to grab a rival.

Dambe fighters Fighters can kick with both legs – the lead leg can in some cases be wrapped with a chain and is additionally utilized for safeguard.

Knocking someone down in Dambe is known as ‘killing’ – the sport is traditionally practiced as training for war and shares much of the same terminology.

That practice is currently illegal, yet the game is sufficiently unsafe without it – the point is to hit your adversary with kicks and punches, endeavoring to influence them to tumble to the floor.

Dambe has a place with the Hausa individuals who hail from the northern part of Nigeria occupying most of the sub- Sahara region in Nigeria. It is hundreds of years old yet is still extremely well known in Nigeria, southern Niger and the south west of Chad.

The custom is dug in among butcher rank groups and is vigorously centered around villages and communities. Butchers originate from a lower standing of the Hausa society – they are the main ones who could ceremonially butcher cattle and handle meat. They would shape groups from the town – known as armies – and challenge men from different butchers societies, and indigenes from the village. The game began from factions of butchers cattle rarer traveling to various towns to recruit and battle those from other territories as a major festival celebration and in entertainment.

These days, that feeling of a group is still exceptionally solid, and the game is dominated by the butchers standing, yet contenders will frequently be extremely youthful – teenagers who prepare in rec centers – and will battle lasting through the year.

Contenders join a professional network which travels to battle, frequently now in impermanent rings, as opposed to simply inside a hover of observers as previously. They battle for prize cash – similarly as they did traditionally signify time great riches.

They wear shorts, rather than loincloths, and the pre-fight entertainment is more elaborate, and can even use sound systems.

These photos, where taken in Nigeria, occurred inside a sand-filled field, which can be found in bigger towns and are utilized for wrestling competitions.

Dambe used to incorporate a component of wrestling, known as Kokawa yet is currently basically about punching and kicking.

Battles last three rounds – however these rounds are not coordinately timed – their end is connoted either when there is a respite in the activity, one of the candidates or an official calls a stop to it, or when somebody is thumped down.

There is no official weight class, however, wrestlers are normally matched with somebody of a comparative size.

Other traditions include the use of amulets for supernatural protection, with some fighters wrapping them to their spear hand, while some of the fighting groups also ritually smoke marijuana before matches. Observers are a key piece of the entire occasion – they make the climate by chanting to boost or torment the contenders while wagering bets against the fighters is additionally predominant.

Different customs incorporate the utilization of special necklaces(amulets)  for powerful insurance, with a few contenders wrapping them to their spear hand, while a couple of the fighters customarily involved in the usage of marijuana.

Dambe has taken a new rise in the country, encroaching Into the well-known platforms and setting up challenges across cities. Agege Lagos is a hub for these extraordinary fighters.


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